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Rehearsing Resilience Workshop Taught by Raven Kaliana:

Photos ©2017 by Marly Zohrehie with Prince's Trust, and Raven KalianaPhotos ©2017 by Marly Zohrehie with Prince's Trust, and Raven Kaliana


Rehearsing Resilience Workshop (for ages 11 and up)

Rehearsing Resilience for young people is a 2 1/2-hour workshop which provides information on the effects of trauma, the stages of healing, active listening, supporting friends, leaving a harmful situation, and personal validation and empowerment through creative expression.  The exercises are mainly conveyed through shadow puppetry, a medium which is colourful, easy, and fun to learn.  Students produce a short improvised group show together at the end, exploring options for leaving a difficult situation. The session includes a screening of a short puppet animation, Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress.  Handouts help to diagram the dynamics of an abusive situation, and also give information on how to tip the scales so that connecting with support to shift the situation is possible.


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