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Transforming Trauma Staff Training Taught by Raven Kaliana:

Transforming Trauma Puppet Therapy WorkshopTransforming Trauma Puppet Therapy Workshop


Transforming Trauma Staff Training (for adults)

Transforming Trauma is a 2 1/2 hour training event for those working in the helping professions on using puppet-based techniques to help support trauma recovery in children and adolescents.  It involves practical exercises showing how puppets can be used in family therapy, or one-to-one.  The workshop utilises cuddly animal hand puppets, which can be helpful when working with younger children.  Puppets are quite versatile and can also work with many different groups, including teens and adults, refugees, and the elderly.  The workshop uses Folkmanis Puppets, which are a range of beautiful animal hand puppets - an especially well-made brand which will hold up for years of use.  Workshop includes a short film on trauma recovery, which uses shadow puppetry techniques.