Raven Kaliana creates colourful film animations using live-action cut-paper shadow theatre, which gives an unusual and distinctive look. Shadow animation is quicker and costs far less than hand-drawn or computer animation, and lends itself well to online and video applications. Raven creates a storyboard – or works from one provided – then creates the puppets and scenic elements, performs and films the scenes, then edits together the final animation, coordinating the imagery with any sound provided, into a video file. These animations have been commissioned for a number of documentaries, music videos, and theatre productions, and work well for public service messages, informational videos, how-to demonstrations, and more. View example videos below…

Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress

Awareness-raising film, co-produced by Charlie Ryder, Sue Hanisch, and Raven Kaliana and included in Charlie’s documentary Stories of Healing. Storyboard, direction, puppets, and performance by Raven Kaliana with assistant puppeteer Sabrina Daniele and additional puppetry help by Charlie Ryder. Editing by Raven Kaliana and Daemiane Marais.


Music video produced by Framestore for Mercury Prize-nominated band I Am Kloot, puppets and performance by Raven Kaliana with puppetry assistance by Sara Kirkpatrick.  This video featured in several film festivals, including California International Shorts Festival, USA; Dixie Film Festival, USA; and the Bristol Festival of Puppetry, UK.

The Art of Ubuntu

Title animations produced by Raven Kaliana commissioned for documentary produced by Charlie Ryder.

Anne Gallagher's Story

Colour animations produced by Raven Kaliana for a tribute section on Anne Gallagher, peacemaker in Northern Ireland, as part of The Art of Ubuntu documentary by Charlie Ryder.

The Night Before Christmas

Animation produced by Raven Kaliana for a live performance of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ by Full House Theatre Company, which was projected onto a backdrop.

Fables for a Boy

Animation produced by Raven Kaliana which was projected onto a ‘storybook’ prop during a dark musical, ‘Fables for a Boy’ by Sandvaer Group.

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