Reviews for Puppet (R)Evolution Productions

"Full marks for audacity, and for a passionate commitment to righting a societal wrong."
(Hooray for Hollywood)
"A most powerful and moving production, and also an important one."
(Hooray for Hollywood)
"...very powerful and deeply disturbing."
(Hooray for Hollywood)
"Hooray for Hollywood is an incredibly moving piece of theatre... Theatre should be somewhere you examine what happens in society."
(Hooray for Hollywood)
Peter Glanville
Artistic Director for Little Angel Theatre
"Hooray for Hollywood is one of those rare pieces of art which really can and will stay with you, and has the power to change lives... theatre has never been so important."
(Hooray for Hollywood)
"...touches the heart, mind, conscience and soul in a way that most West End shows could only dream of...go and see this."
(Hooray for Hollywood)
"Innovative and harrowing...One of those rare pieces of art which really can and will stay with you..."
(Hooray for Hollywood)
"This is about the source of the problem."
(Hooray for Hollywood)
Helen Bamber
Co-founder of Amnesty and founder of Helen Bamber Foundation
"All cheers and praise, singing out for the gifted puppeteer Raven Kaliana, she is a deeply wise woman. She is using her craft in a most perceptive, sagacious manner. Performed puppet figures to face our deepest fears, our unfathomable truths. Puppets that can lead us out of the darkness. Opening conversations of awareness through watching her film, creating community for change through her art."
(Hooray for Hollywood)
Heather Henson
Ibex Theatre
"Hooray for Hollywood by Puppet (R) inspired by the life of the director Raven Kaliana... It features these really simple puppets playing the children – who remain expressionless and silent throughout. Actors play the adults, but you only see them from the torso down. Whenever I’ve seen that piece, I’ve been shattered for weeks. But I don’t think you’d get away with doing it in the same way in a traditional theatre, the puppet is capable of more."
(Hooray for Hollywood)
Barnaby Stig Swann Pedersen
Copenhagen Puppet Festival
"Loved it. It's sensitive and understated and all the more moving for that. Also it must surely be useful."
(Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress)
Penny Francis, MBE
Author and Puppetry Critic
"When people talk about art changing lives, I think Raven Kaliana’s work is the kind of thing they mean."

Puppetry and Puppet Making for Other Productions

"...Amazing puppeteer...executed with panache and conviction."
(Puppetry performed for Saippuakivikauppias)
"The puppets...were absolutely enchanting, engaging, and quirky. The movement was brilliantly achieved..."
(Puppets made for Pocket-full of Grimms)
"Raven Kaliana...really excel[s] as the creator of the beautifully hand-crafted props which are put to exceptional use in the show..."
(Puppets made for Pocket-full of Grimms)
"Raven Kaliana’s design is very appropriate, as the boy is portrayed as a highly sensitive soul..."
(Puppets made for Fables for a Boy)
"...Brilliant visuals. The audience watches one story projected onto a large book of fairytales, while another is told using puppets and, mostly stunningly of all, another is told through shadow puppetry."
(Puppets made for Fables for a Boy)

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